Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers

When deciding if a restoration project is right for them, people often have many questions. The frequently asked questions page attempts to answer some of those questions as clearly as possible. If you have other questions, please contact us for a discussion about your restoration needs.

Are you insured?
Do you subcontract employees?
Do you do repairs?
Do all exterior wood surfaces need treatment, even Cedar, Ipe and redwood?
Will Sealer/stain come off on my clothes after it has dried?
How often will my deck need to be re-stained?
How long will solid stain last for?
How will you protect my plants and house
Do you do any sanding?
What will you do if the previous finish will not strip all the way?
What are the fuzzies on my wood?
Does the stain/sealer smell?
What Causes mold to grow on my deck?
Will algae mold and moss hurt my outside wood?
Are your Deck Cleaners Safe for my Pets, grass and plants?
What is the difference between oil based sealers and water based?
Why do water based sealers peel?
Will your Sealer bead water?
Does your sealer have UV protection?
Why should I hire Deck Solutions?