Our cedar deck builders are the ideal choice for the St. Charles area. Our builders build decks that are durable and that last through all types of weather. Our decking is made to resist decay and insect attacks and lasts much longer than other decking. When installed properly by our expert cedar deck builders, our cedar decks will last a lifetime and show its strength no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.


With its unique characteristics, our western red cedar resists warping, twisting, cupping, and checking. With the skill of a cedar deck builder, your St. Charles home will be stable and strong for years to come. The decking will absorb and discharge moisture which allows the deck to reach equilibrium within its environment. Our cedar deck builders can install your deck with expertise and care ensuring your deck will endure through the years.


Any cedar deck builder loves and chooses western red cedar over and over for all of its attributes, but the main one they love, is how easy the decking is to cut, saw, nail, and glue. These St. Charles cedar decking attributes alone make this decking a dream come true for any cedar deck builder.


Everyone loves options for their decking, and western red cedar can give them to you. It’s free of pitch and resin making it ideal for any finish. From lightly toned clear solutions to two-coat solid colors, a cedar deck builder can stain your deck to any color you choose. Any stain you wish can be done by one of our cedar deck builders and will turn your St. Charles home into one of class and style.


Making life easy for a cedar deck builder, western red cedar is lightweight and easy to handle. Our cedar deck builders love using this decking for its low density and moisture content.

Thermal Conductivity

Boasting a 12% moisture content level, western red cedar is eight times better than concrete, 400 times better than steel, and 2,000 times better than aluminum. It’s a great insulator that assists in deck cooling and resists thermal conductivity.

Acoustic Properties

Deck Solutions has expert cedar deck builders that make the structural material perfect for sound-dampening properties for your deck.

Contact us today to have one of our expert cedar deck builders get started on the deck of your dreams for your St. Charles home!