Cedar Decking

Why choose Cedar Decking?


Cedar is an ideal choice for both interior and exterior uses, and has many different options. It is one of the most naturally durable and decay resistant softwoods we can use to build our decks. The wood of Western Red Cedar contains naturally occurring fungicides, called thujaplicins, which give Western Red Cedar its resistance to decay. Another extractive in the wood, thujic acid, helps makes it resistant to insect attack. Properly installed and finished, Western Red Cedar will last for decades, maybe centuries, even in the harshest of environments.


Like all woods, Western Red Cedar will absorb and discharge moisture to reach equilibrium within its environment. It also has very unique properties that enable it to resist warping, twisting, cupping and checking more than other softwoods.


Cedar’s low density and consistency make it an ideal wood to cut, saw, nail and glue during a deck construction. Even a handsaw goes through cedar “like butter.”


Western Red Cedar, though rich in extractives, is free of the pitch and resin found in other softwoods, making it ideal for a wide range of finishes. From lightly toned clear solutions or semi-transparent stains to two-coat solid colors, Western Red Cedar ranks at the top in its ability to accept and maintain a finish.


Western Red Cedar's unique cell structure makes it one of the lightest commercial softwoods. At 12% moisture content it weighs approximately 23 lbs per cubic foot and has a relative density (specific gravity) of .32. Western Red Cedar's light weight and low density make it easy to handle and economical to transport.

Thermal Conductivity

Wood being a good insulator assists in keeping tour deck cool during the summer. Western Red Cedar is superior in its ability to resist thermal conductivity more than any other commonly available softwood. At 12% moisture content it has an R value of 1.35 per inch of thickness, which is 8 times better than concrete, 400 times better than steel, and 2,000 times that of aluminum.

Acoustic Properties

Western Red Cedar has very good sound dampening properties and is superior to most other structural materials. It is quite effective in reducing noise and/or confinement of noise to a certain area.

Our experienced, professional cedar deck builders can build the deck you've always wanted!