Deck Restoration Process

Deck Solutions perfected multi-step deck restoration process


Deck Solutions is staffed by professionals who are experts in maintaining the beauty of exterior wood. A deck solutions wood expert will come to your home to give you a no cost no obligation evaluation to determine your outdoor wood deck restoration needs.

Cleaning & Restoration

Deck Solutions incorporates a unique three step LOW PRESSURE cleaning system into every job to meet its cleaning needs using our commercial strength and 100% biodegradable cleaners that won’t harm grass or plants.

Step 1: Pre Cleaner

A pre cleaner is sprayed on the surface first which loosens up and removes any dead gray wood fibers, prior finishes and algae mold and mildew growth. This allows a Deck Solutions technician to carefully clean your outdoor wood using LOW PRESSURE. High pressure cleaning systems can cause extreme damage to wood splintering and raising the grain.

Step 2: Mold Remediation

Most outdoor wood has mold growth of some sort on it. After the job has been thoroughly cleaned a cleaner used to remove mold is sprayed on the entire surface to ensure that the wood is entirely clean and that we will not later seal in any mold. Cleaning with water alone will not remove mold.

Step 3: Brightening

The final step in the cleaning process is to brighten the outdoor wood. Brightener is applied to the surface to lighten up the wood to its most original color while at the same time opening the pores in wood to except sealer properly. The brightening process also removes nail bleeding and tannin bleed.

Sealing Process

After allowing the project to dry out for at least a 24 hour period a deck solutions technician will test your wood to make sure it has a moisture content of less than 12% before applying any sealer to the wood. Prior to sealing a deck solutions technician will also reset any nail pops and sand all hand railings. After careful preparation of the work area covering all plants and shrubs and masking off the appropriate areas we will begin sealing.

Two coats of Timber Sealer penetrating oil stain will be applied to all the exposed wood; this includes all spindles, stairs, railings, lattice and vertical supports. Undersides of decks are not included because they are affected very little by the elements.

Upon completion of the job a deck solutions technician will do a final walkthrough with the homeowner if they are home to make sure there are no touch ups and the job area is clean.